Spots & Space


Spots & Space has been the sales partner for community, non-English language and Indigenous media since 1994. We make it possible for our clients to reach culturally and linguistically diverse audiences. We do this by providing the information and means of booking and acquitting large communications campaigns through one professional office – ours.

We provide a cost-effective solution to the challenge of profitably reaching diverse audiences. We eliminate the time involved in identifying, and booking, the best media to reach:

  • Ethnic audiences
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences
  • Regional and remote communities
  • Culturally diverse audiences
  • International audiences

When you deal with us, you deal with a senior, knowledgeable professional. You can expect a fast and thorough response to your brief, and a sound rationale for all media proposals.

Turn-key service

We offer a turn-key service for all types of campaigns including research and planning advice, media bookings and confirmation, through-to production and distribution, proof of broadcast, placement and acquittal, and on-time payments to the media.

Multilingual services

Visit our award-winning sister company, Independent & General to find out about production services for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.

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