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Community radio


Community radio

Spots&Space is the only media representation company endorsed by the CBAA – the national peak body – to represent their member stations for sponsorship sales.

Did you know? Community radio is the biggest media sector in Australia.

  • 450 radio licensees and 80 TV licensees
  • 20,000 volunteers donate their labour annually
  • Often the only source of local content

Wherever you want your message heard, Spots & Space can get you on air – on live and local, community radio.

To find out more about community radio visit Community Radio Association of Australia  (CBAA) CBAA

Whatever their age, location, language, interest or culture – listeners hear themselves reflected on community radio. And they love that. In return, they support businesses that support their media.

And the best news for advertisers is community radio enables exceptional targeting, and excellent value for money. Contact us to see a sample schedule Contact Us

Insights: McNair Ingenuity’s Research national listenership survey for for the sector shows audiences for community radio continue to grow – download the 2020 survey here National Listenership Survey