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Q. Is Spots & Space an advertising agency?

A. No, we are a media representation agency. That means we are paid by the media we represent, to sell space on their behalf. There is no cost to advertising agencies, or their clients to use our services. You only pay for the advertising itself.

Q. I’ve got a mainstream brand, why would I want to advertise to multicultural audiences?

A. Some sound reasons for advertising to diverse audiences are: to win new clients or to gain a first-mover advantage in a wealthy/emerging market. In a multicultural, and culturally diverse country like Australia these communities can represent significant untapped potential.

Q. What are the top 5 languages spoken in the home, other than English?

A.  Mandarin (685,274), Arabic (367,159),Vietnamese (320,758), Cantonese (295,281) & Punjabi (239,033). Source – Census Data 2021.

Q. What benefits would I gain from advertising on community radio?

A. Community radio stations have very loyal listeners based around the local content that is broadcast, the interest in a specific music genre, in-language programming or programming for a particular demographic. In some regional markets, community radio is the ONLY source of local information.

Q. How quickly can you get a non-English campaign booked and distributed?

A. Provided the campaign materials are ready, our systems and processes generally enable us to book, confirm and dispatch a campaign within five working days. Very urgent campaigns may get out on a 24 hour or even same day basis if required.

Q. What would I do about production for non-English language or Indigenous materials?

A. Our sister company I&G Pty Ltd is Australia’s only production company specialising in non-English language, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media. I&G can turn jobs around fast,thanks to a qualified and on-call talent bank. Check them out here: